Other Projects

During the years, I’ve created several cartoons just because I love my work.

Here some examples.


Andrew and the Perfect Vampire’s Handbook







I created “Andrew and the Perfect Vampire’s Handbook” in year 2002, when Twilight was only the term to indicate the sun dissapearing from the horizon. Leonardo Settimelli and I (more Leo) wrote the whole screenplay, It was meant to be a feature film in Flash. Clik here to see the teaser.


Eggs: half-born chicks, and quite nothing to do.

24 episodes





The Big Questions of Life

13 episodes






Jo the Beetle

5 episodes






Il Maestro di Vita

(4 episodes, in italian)






Land ofthr  Lost Condoms






This was an idea for a cartoon-series about used condoms living in the sanitary sewers, and the hero, Zero, a brand new condom who was never used. He wants to get outside to the surface and have his chance. All the used condoms of thunderground-city get their personality by the man that wear them.


THE ATM PROJECT (Il Meneghino)

I created a new mascotte-format for the ATM of Milan (Azienda Municipale per i Trasporti). In collaboration with Cicciotun and the Kook Agency, we are still waiting for an answer.


Il Babau (the Boogieman)

Produced in 2003 by Civica Scuola del Cinema by the principal Daniele Maggioni, Il Babau is a story about a boy who thinks that the Boogieman hides into his closet.. but it was only his mother’s lover. At the end, he saws his father beating up the “monsters” and thinking “My dad is the strongerst man in the universe!”

This short-movie was shooted in 2 days, I wrote and directed it.

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