My Cartoons

I wrote and directed all videos. Please visit my You Tube Channel for more stuff!

In 1999 I’ve graduated in 2D animation at the “Scuola del Cinema di Milano” and in the same year, I took a degree in 3D Softimage at the “ATC Upgrade Milano”.

I don’t remember much about 3D, but I love writing stories.


We’re come too far, to give up who we are

Conclave: there can be only one!

Second place for CEPU’s video contest

Work in progress for the movie “Spoof” directed by Jonathan Zarantonello. I wrote this episde.

My interpretation of Star Wars, after Disney.

This video belongs to the compilation “I Corti di Gaia”, pubblished and distribuited in  VHS by Filmaker’s Magazine, after winning several Movie Festivals in Italy. I presented the work during Venezia Off 2001.


40 years of PONG! .

Hello, God? Are you there?


My Little Brother

Sex Machine

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