TV Series

I made some short series for MTV QOOB, MEDIASET ITALIA 1, and STUDIO UNIVERSAL


La Seconda Morte di Lazzaro (Lazarus’s Second Death). Subject by Leonardo Settimelli, we wrote together all the stories.

“After being resuscitated by Jesus, Lazarus dies right after a few moments..”

production: MTV

Episode 1

Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10

The Ciccio’s (The Ciccio’s). I wrote 5 episodes for Mediaset Italia 1 for the format “Pollicino”, a collection of short animation movies all over the world.

“The Ciccio’s is the most tragic Sicilian’s famiglia, in the whole history of italian’s mobster”

Production: MEDIASET



Istantanee (Snapshots) 8 episodes: is an ironic tv series about how some of the most famous paintings were accualy designed.

Millimetraggi (Millimetraggi) 3 episodes:100 seconds each, short movies for a whole compilation by various film makers.

Fank Cannazzo 5 episode from J. Zarantonello’s book “Basta che respirano”, Frank Cannazzo is a man lost in a woman’s world








“The Thanksgiving Coat”







From the book of Kailee and Elizabeth Hoadley, I put in animation the tale, with the supervision of Academy Award winner Anthony LaMolinara. Elizabeth and Kailee wrote a lot of books for children, this one is turning also in a musical.



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