Hail to the Chef

Ok, this is a page that not involves my art work.. but.. I love cooking! I love to organize dinners with friends. I took a diploma as Hotel’s Chef and Pasrty in Rome in  2010. I think my lasagna is one of the best in the universe!


p.s. thanks to Raffaella La Bella for a butter tip… ;)

This is my recipe:

Lasagna – serve 4

for the sauce

1 large onion

2 carrots

2 branchs of celery

olive oil

1 can of tomatoe sauce

400 gr of ground beef

400 gr of minced veal

100 gr of minced pork

1 glass of red wine

1 glass of milk




parmigiano reggiano cheese (DON’T use american cheese! Only the Parmigiano is good!)

for the “besciamella sauce”

100 gr of butter

100 gr of flour

milk (you decide how much, but usually the same amount of butter and flour)

a pinch of nutmeg

salt & peper

Cut all the veggies in little pieces, heat the oil in a tall large pot, put the veggies. stir and let them cook till the onion is transparent. Put the meat, and stir, till is cook. Put the red wine and let it evaporate all. Put the tomatoe sauce, stir well and add water. Cover the pan and let it cook, till the water is evaporated. Repeat the water thing 2 or 3 times: more it cooks, better will be the taste.Takes 3, 4 hours.

When is all done, add the milk, the salt and the peper and let it cook more for another 15-20 minutes. Sause is ready. If there is some grease floating from the cooked pork, throw it away helping you with a spoon.

For the “besciamella”, take a large pan, melt butter on fire, and add the flour, till is brown. Add the milk, stir well using a whisk, add the spices, be careful with salt, the “besciamella” must be almost sweet.

Take a retangualr casserole, and put some sauce on the bottom. This will preserve the pasta to burn on the bottom. Now let’s composit our lasagna: pasta (cook the pasta quikley in hot, salty water till is soft, but still raw in the middle, will finish cooking in the oven) add  sauce,  “besciamella”, and sprinkle the cheese. Repeat till the casserole is covered. The last layer on the top must be the pasta with some red sauce. Sprinkle with cheese and add some butter flake all over the top. The butter will turn crispy the last layer.

Cook in oven at c 180° for 40 minutes, the last 7-8 minutes turn on the grill to crisp the top.

Lasagna is good hot served, but exellent cold the next day from fridge..

bon appetite!


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