Art Work and Exhibitions

When I arrived in 2008 in Los Angeles, I started to paint and find space where to show my art-work. “The Bean Man” (a round, bald, innoicent guy) is a character that I create to play in almost all my canvas.

Some examples of my work:

Past Shows:

 Design Matters Gallery (west L.A.)

Hold Up Art Gallery (Art District Downtown L.A.)

The Hive Gallery’s “6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW” (Downtown L.A.)

Angel City Brewing Show (Art District Downtown L.A.)

The Hive Gallery (Alice in Wonderland) (Downtown L.A.)

Gallery Aryai (West Hollywood L.A.)

The Thought Gallery (West Hollywood L.A.)

The Hive Gallery (Small Wall Artist: Gaia Bracco) (Downtown L.A.)

CLASH: Drama, Humor and Passion of Three Completely Different Women Lola Scarpitta, Gaia Bracco, and Anna Stump (Art District Downtown L.A.)

Colori (Personal Exhibition) (Downtown L.A.)

Art District Open Studio Tour (Downtown L.A.)

Downtown Art Park (Downtown L.A.)

The Hive Gallery (Masters Blasters of Sculpture) (Downtown L.A.)

Novel Cafè (personal Exhibition) (Art District Downtown L.A.)

The Hive Gallery (Tarot Show) (Downtown L.A.)

Autum Lights ’09 (Downtown L.A.)

The Hive Gallery (Group Show and Performances) (Downtown L.A.)

Boyd (personal exhibition) (Downtown L.A.)

Trade Show California-Turkey Edgar Valera Gallery (Downtown L.A.)

World Art Expo ’09 (Orange County L.A.)

The Long Beach Experiment (Long Beach L.A.)

LARABA – Artshare – LADAD Community Arts Festival (Art District Downtown L.A.)

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